How to keep love in the family lessons learned

11/20/2016 - 21:08
How to keep love in the family lessons learned

When the march of Mendelssohn ceased to vibrate, it's not a happy ending, like in the movies, but only the beginning of work on the construction of family happiness. Love in the family can be different, not like in the premarital period. If premarital love is like a waltz at the foot of the mountain, the love in marriage - to force of two climbers in tandem, reaching to the very top of this mountain. Work on the preservation of love in the family requires certain knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, few of us have inherited the full set of required skills of the parent family. Therefore it is necessary to turn to the experience of other people happy in family life. This article summarizes the experience of the authors of our site. This article does not replace the other, but only generalizes this experience to its better absorption. All of these people are married is not the first year, and they are really happy, their families full of love. As with all happiness, their happiness - not an accident, but the result of a correct understanding of what is a family, and informed, permanent labor on building the most important interpersonal relationships of life and the experience of these precious people. Obviously, the full experience works in a situation where the family was originally built with a true and correct understanding of the objectives of what is marriage. But if her husband, thinking that he chooses a wife, in fact chose not life partner and mother of his children, but only the mistress and the wife is not the wife chose, as a sponsor, offered tips may not be enough to keep the love and marriage. But try all the same worth.

In any case, put love on the first place

Human consciousness is very mobile. It often happens that he agreed in principle with some truth, but in the circumstances he forgets about this, acting as if he did not know her. Therefore, our understanding of the purpose of life in general and the family in particular is love and it is should not be abstract or theoretical. In each family we know the situation, when we are making a decision, or feel the approach of negative emotions; we need to remember that love is most important. And act on it. You are not perfect, and the person with whom you live, is not perfect. You two are not saints. So the only way for both of you to keep love is wearing each other's weaknesses. Our weaknesses can be represented as a heavy bag. If a person lives alone on a desert island, the weight of his bag he carries is heaviest. If he lives in society, his bag is carried by a lot of people, and each carries a piece of this severity. The family would like people changing bags, and each bears the full brunt of another bag. Do not treat this as a tragedy. True love is sacrificial, so if you love or want to fall in love for real, wear this weight with pleasure, as an expression of your love.

Carry each other's weaknesses

If the severity of the "bag" of our spouse seems very heavy, unbearable - as a rule, it is not because our spouse is really terrible, and because of our pride and self-importance. We do not know how heavy our own bag, which carries the other, and we think that we deserve much better. Watch for yourself - and be tolerant of others. When people create a family, a man and a woman enter a new stage of maturity. They take this responsibility, which never took - for the common life, the happiness of another person's health and mental well-being of children. But if they will share this responsibility with someone else, it will prevent them to grow up and become a full-fledged couple. Therefore, if possible, better to have a young family of his house, separate from the parents