Do not change your loved one

11/20/2016 - 21:07
Do not change your loved one

Ought to know better who id your chosen before marriage. But in any case, the partnership detects some disadvantages of both. However, the marriage has already been signed, and you have created a family not because of representation of the person and not because he is from your dreams but because he or she is living, real person. So take him for what he is even if he is not what you expected. Any person can and must love. And love means freedom. You give the right to the freedom to be a loved one. If you begin to find fault with him, to press, it would mean: "I do not love you this, become one, so I love you!" This is the words of dislike, and they will kill you both love. Believe in yourself, in your power to love it for what it is! After all, your union is not an accident in any case. Nothing happens by chance. If he wants to change, becoming the way you want it to be, thank God and the spouse. You're in luck, as very few people are lucky! In this case, you can gently help him move in his chosen direction. But do not forget: it's his choice, not yours!

Change your habits

When people start to sleep in the same bed and brush their teeth in a bathroom, they inevitably begin to discover each other different minor flaws. Often it is not even flaws, and just different habits than those which are peculiar to you. How the law found that socks must be in the closet? On the floor are the best dry! Who decided that the cap tube of toothpaste is required to screw? On its screwing and unscrewing we lose precious seconds! Also, scientists around the world have not yet decided what position toilet seat in the bathroom is the only true - vertical or horizontal. There are other habits - not every day and special features of our speech, punctuality, behavior at the table and so on. What about our habits? Fight for them with a loved one, when deciding on the principle of "who is who"? If we love or want to love, of course, we will be willing to change their habits, which afflict a loved one, to adapt to it that we can do. I know a man who for the pleasure of his wife in her presence even abandons its inherent humor. Everything we do or say, it is very important to the other person. All is evidence or refutation of our love for him. Therefore, we must be extremely careful and cautious, considerate in dealing with a loved one. Remember that the worst wounds are applied word. Heal them much longer than physical wounds, and leave behind indelible scars. It can be a very long time to climb along a high mountain, and then a word reset itself into the abyss.

Turn off the quarrel

If we remember that the main thing is love, we will control our emotions and do not give way to anger to such an extent to hurt a loved one. More often quarrel stop men being calmer, thoughtful. Everyone does it in their own way. Some expressed this point his attitude to the woman: "I still love you", "I love you, even so." This usually disarms wife. In turn, and a woman should not be weak-willed toy passions waiting in each conflict situation, when it will stop. In fact, we all are able to control their emotions, it can be learned. And if we love a person and do not want to expose his love toward us, breaking tests, we will learn it. The results of our study indicate that 13% of fights do not end with reconciliation. That is, after an argument no one comes to the other to ask for forgiveness. How can there be love when people make each other sick and constantly live with this weight? Remember that every minute spent by you in a position to quarrel, resentment, and quarrel kills love, destroys your relationship. Therefore, it is important to not just make it up, and do it as soon as possible. There is a rule: "do not let the sun go down upon your wrath."Set yourself a law - not to drag any of the quarrels in the next day.