Do everything for your second half

11/20/2016 - 21:06

Beginning of the novel can be stormy, love is romantic, but who knows how long it will be? Let's look at a horoscope to find out which pairs have the highest chances of a long and stable relationship.

1. Aries and Gemini

Strong wind fans the flames to the sky, fire sparks fly in the air currents. Rate this image to understand: Air and Fire, two elements that control the signs of Aries and Gemini, very need each other - just as the partners who were born under these signs. Moreover - their mutual attraction is strong not only physically, but also on an intellectual level. Such partners are united innate optimism, love of life and its pleasures ... What else you need to love each other and enjoy each new day?


What kind of relationship can be established between the two fiery characters? Well, of course, only hot! And Lions and Sagittarius Star gave a strong character and a tendency to compete. It would seem logical to assume that they will compete with each other it? So surely it happens ... if we are not talking about true love. One bright, passionate nature - it is good, but two - better if they decided to be together and together build a happy life. In this case, all their successes and achievements are multiplied by two!

Let’s talk about the most surprising zodiac signs


Each of the two signs of the zodiac star talent endowed communication. But more importantly - together they can form a real team, and it allows both much easier to succeed. All the surrounding delighted - and what happens inside the couple? Patroness of Libra - feminine Venus, Mars and courageous determines the nature of those born under the sign of Aries. The result is constant voltage and love sharing the sexual energy that makes life together in almost perpetual motion.


Those born under these signs of the zodiac, the stars gave a general desire to change the world and manage the future. However, Virgo and Aquarius are doing it in their own way: if the Virgin is well versed with the practical issues of Aquarius always willing to explore new trends and share fresh ideas. If these talents combine, the result is a perfect tandem, always ready for great achievements!


Of those born under the sign of Cancer, they say that they are in love - owners seeking to fully enjoy your partner. But this trait is very suitable doubtful Scorpio: a relationship soothe their natural suspicion and inspire confidence that they will always be welcome and loved. For its part, the passionate Scorpio will do anything to help the indecisive Cancers do not withdraw into its shell. In other words, in such an alliance, both partners will feel completely safe.

Taurus is quiet surprising one

6. Capricorn and Taurus

Earth Signs are united, above all, that mighty, thorough and reliable power that gives them their native element. Those who are firmly "on the earth" much easier to understand each other than to explain his point of view for people with a completely different character - for example, the dreamers, born under the signs of the element of Air. If all our life - it is a long journey, the partners such as Capricorn and Taurus will be well prepared for it and able to go very far together.


Water nourishes the earth, and that, in turn, serves as a secure base, a bed for the life-giving water flows. The interaction and the combination of elements that control each of the partners in this pair create almost ideal conditions for a long, fruitful relationship. Practicality and common sense Taurus perfectly balances the deep, emotional and a little dreamy Pisces. You want to know what to look for the perfect union of Yin and Yang? He is in front of you!