Talk sincerely about your feelings
Do not we all want a positive experience of close, friendly, trusting relationship? It is necessary to learn in the family. If a person does not know how to talk about what he cares about, a worry cares, unspoken accumulates inside, and then expressed in the conflict. The essence of the conflict, as a rule, depends on a lack of understanding the other person, because the occasion itself disproportionate power of our explosion. But we really did it cannot explain, and continue to accumulate grievances, while again "valve" did not derail. To avoid this, we will learn to talk to each other about your feelings. After all, it is our closest person and he wishes us only the best and we should give...
11/20/2016 - 21:09
How to keep love in the family lessons learned
When the march of Mendelssohn ceased to vibrate, it's not a happy ending, like in the movies, but only the beginning of work on the construction of family happiness. Love in the family can be different, not like in the premarital period. If premarital love is like a waltz at the foot of the mountain, the love in marriage - to force of two climbers in tandem, reaching to the very top of this mountain. Work on the preservation of love in the family requires certain knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, few of us have inherited the full set of required skills of the parent family. Therefore it is necessary to turn to the experience of other people happy in family life. This article summarizes th...
11/20/2016 - 21:08
Do not change your loved one
Ought to know better who id your chosen before marriage. But in any case, the partnership detects some disadvantages of both. However, the marriage has already been signed, and you have created a family not because of representation of the person and not because he is from your dreams but because he or she is living, real person. So take him for what he is even if he is not what you expected. Any person can and must love. And love means freedom. You give the right to the freedom to be a loved one. If you begin to find fault with him, to press, it would mean: "I do not love you this, become one, so I love you!" This is the words of dislike, and they will kill you both love. Believe in yoursel...
11/20/2016 - 21:07